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VALUES are everywhere. They inform every step we take and every move we make. Inside the best laid out plans, a storyline patiently awaits. When people know how and why, then executing those plans matter personally.

Arkay Solutions creates and enables value driven experiences that become the stories of legend. Good story lines, like good tactical strategy transcends the narrative of who makes what happen when. Positive emotional connections linked to critical thinking –It’s what we call People Thinking. It’s our How and insures everyone focuses on the qualities that produce value with and for you.

In Workshops and informal training sessions we’ve designed and tested, your team will release and share their deep knowledge and beliefs. Playful, safe role plays helping everyone understand the how and the why. With practice, it also strengthens emotional and technical competencies, builds relationship skills and forms bonds across your key stakeholders. Our outcomes depend on these new competencies, the source of your unique capabilities and strategic advantage.

How? We emphasize value in everything we do.

Experience Counts

If you want to change how people behave, focus attention on results and avoid procedural hangups. Show don’t tell. Smiling encourages behavior and so will crying. If you want people to behave in a particular way, incent them with peer recognition and praise not for accomplishing the task but the downstream results it produces.

Translate built-in value into an extrinsic behavior

Confidence and solid assurance that the organization values match the feelings and ethics of your employees, clients, suppliers, board members or the public at large. Authenticity matters, a consistent set of values, readily defined, articulated and assimilated into your culture simplifies your ability to adapt and deliver. Today’s fast paced, inter-connected markets demand that the metric to watch isn’t merely ROI, but how well you keep pace with the values and changing needs of the overlapping set of constituencies–employees who are customers, board members who are social advocates, suppliers who are collaborators.

Can you believe it? the new CEO thinks women are under-represented?

Our best-selling offer : Intention Insurance, or the guarantee that your results match your intention. In the aftermath of the latest recession, there was a serious breach of trust between companies, organizations and the people who work, buy and depend on them.

Our inspiration?

Or principal, Rachel Kaberon first encounter with the work of Daniel Kahneman changed the way she looked at the world. Her highly acclaimed work in immersive learning in education settings found few professional applications, even when orking with mavericks at CBS and later at Citibank. Discovering Roger Schank’s work in immersive learning systems renewed her faith and awakened her to the pivotal importance of a story to provide context and memory cues. Fast forward, to 2012 and the publication of Thinking Fast and Slow.

Want to know more? Ask, For other sources of inspiration at work at Arkay Solutions, keep reading or check our our blogs.

Fast Company’s Editor Noah Robischon in 2009, noticed a new era emerging and dubbed it Ethonomics, or ethical economics. Viewed as a hybrid of technology, design, and social responsibility, Fast Company believes this to be the future of business.

Rachel Kaberon’s brief explorations with graduate students at Institute of Design @ the Illinois Institute of Technology (ID@IIT) leveraged perspectives from Design and Public Policy professionals in an effort to maximize social impact. Comprehensive review of frameworks from a variety of disciplines as they connected to the public policy process produced a series of later collaborations. Cultural grid group theory expressed by contemporary Anthropologist Mary Douglas and her collaboration with Aaron Wildavsky in Risk and Culture (1982) directed her to explore how  beliefs and values within a culture support  and sustain it and determine its accomplishments.

Arkay Solutions taps the the richness of a variety of research sources to put together deep meaningful engagements and help our clients find inspiration and principles that will fuel their growth.  Enabling Principles when effectively communicated and internalized inspire employees, customers and investors.

Other techniques we draw from include:

Patrick Whitney, the President of the Institute of Design @ the Illinois Institute of Technology (ID@IIT) suggested incorporating Human Factor Principles (e.g. cognitive, cultural beliefs, social and emotional) , or the intangibles that are deeply embedded into the liability side of the balance sheet, but when aligned with strategy fuel performance improvements.

We are also indebted to Peter Senge‘s conceptualization of the wider system in The Necessary Revolution as well as the work of Michael Porter and Mark Kramer on Creating Shared Value. Their work shows how sustainable returns are possible when unusual private public partnerships are formed and focus on long-term strategy initiatives.

Where do you begin and why should you care about these concepts?

If history drives strategy, knowing about us will help you understand more about our capabilities,Call us now and we can started.

Today’s social media frenzy has made your customers’ expectations explicit and more demanding. The social compact between employees and organizations in both the public and private sector has been radically altered by several factors: globalization; simplified transfer of knowledge across sectors; and the increasing power of buyers that demand flattening costs.

At Arkay Solutions, our work in value alignment prepares you to forge ahead in the face of ambiguity. Part collaboration, part adaptability fostering a culture of resiliency amidst adversity


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