Our best results include collaboration
Our best results include collaboration

We work with you to create value in a variety of formats from Workshops; Interactive Seminars; Consulting, Research and or Process improvements. Helping key leadership clarify objectives and vision, communicate effectively and gain strategic alignment, our efforts enhance Decision-making and create value that sustains your business.

Visioning Assistance

Michael Jordan’s achievements required discipline and hours and hours of practice. He never expected every shot to work, but through guided practice he readied himself, strengthened his perceptions and constructed more complex responses. Unconscious muscle memory developed and his confidence grew to that point where presented with the right opportunity, the odds of successfully making the play favored him.

Executing on your vision takes practice, lots of practice

Business acumen may be a mindgame, but success requires clarity and careful sequencing of decision-making.   Pretend, or simulations safely expose your weaknesses, your blind spots and experiences that strengthen your awareness.  Playful activities with your team can surface the rich perceptions and knowledge possessed by your teammates, increasing their value and minimizing the collective unknown risks and uncertainty.

Release the power of collective imagination to play out and exploit the knowledge possessed in your teammates. Active play quiets fears, calms nerves and builds experience necessary to ensure success and accrue advantage with rapid decision-making.

Framestretching© is our specialty

Motivation, engagement, inspiration that’s our provenance. Every organization benefits from quality planning. Forecasts and budgeting activities direct resources and communicate expectations clearly.  Success depends on stability and rational assumptions that sadly don’t always reflect reality.  Our work zeros in on perceptions ensure uniformity of understanding and puts to use assumptions based on fact, not opinion.

Prototyping safely tests your hypotheses about the world and verifies clear reference points.  We call it learning that matters.  This process propels improvement and confirms the viability of your approach, saving time and energy and accelerating you to successful outcomes.

Using Imagination often needs a little encouragement, the right setting or environment as well as some helpful cues. Want to try Framestretching©? Learn more?  Take a look at Culture-is-King-JPIM-2012 and Ask us about our Starter Seeds.

Communication Tools

Shared Value begins with shared stories. Implementing social media tools without social network analysis of who influences what and why limits the returns on engagement, inspiration and your investments. Let us help you create a strategic plan, train new behaviors and in the process make more stories flow. That means good and bad, the challenge is to be sure they hit the right channels to prove useful, building awareness and resetting priorities to focus on the goal and replace frustration with ideas for improvement. Of course, if you need help fishing out the stories amidst the chatter, we can do that too. Finding or increasing use of tools to acquire, frame and disseminate the stories that best communicate your intentions, whether it is to your board, recipients of your product or service, employees or investors. Just ask, we’ll be happy to sit and discuss options.

Strength Prospecting

What really makes your organization successful? In most cases, there isn’t a single criterion but a mix that of processes, skills, resources, tacit and explicit knowledge to name a few. We can help you expand these capabilities to ever greater advantage. More details on our blog post on Management 2.0, or just Call us.

Decision-Making Tools

By virtue that our eyes face forward, blind spots are natural. Advances in brain research are increasing our understanding of how we perceive, process and respond to the volume of sensory input. Readjusting our filters and altering our routines can enhance our awareness and further our ability to prepare for the unexpected. Our work in process improvement and evaluation outcome measurement are examples of how these tools are put to use. Contact us to learn more


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