Arkay Solutions Services

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Everything we do optimizes Strategic Focus, clearing pathways to lasting value.

Our philosophy and engagements grow and share Knowledge and Data.

  • Data assessments.  map existing sources and content and timestamp for last refresh.
  • Gap Analysis–The greater variety of Data and sources, the better the intelligence. The freshness also helps improve and close gaps in Strategic Planning, Communications, and  Daily Operations.
  • Automation evaluation–moving data to where and when its needed most, improves efficiency and makes everyone more effective. Do you have the right resources with the right capabilities in the right places working at the right time?

Collective Mapping how things happen is a group activity facilitate to capture who knows what and when. This map then unlocks and then links better performance and better organizational intelligence.

Our customers use our process to spread knowledge, gain insights, test alternatives that in turn delivers value consistently.

The power of 3

  1. Vision–observe what is to imagine what will be by creating opportunities based on capabilities that exist today but also will be both possible and likely to develop soon.
  2. Verify opportunities testing behavior and its relationship to improved performance using tracking and reporting technology effectively
  3. Increase strategic clarity–drawing on history and imagination to adjust and set your course.
Resiliency and reminders: Nudge solutions

Chance favors the connected mind and create advantage.

We offer systems design and embed automation into the natural workflow helping clients:

  • Foster engagement and increase motivation to try again and again using relevant, timely messages that appeal to both heads and hearts.
  •  Connected checklists–activate what people already know to bolster confidence, make their efforts successful and deliver the work efficiently and effectively.
Improve Communications improves execution

Beyond policy rules and regulatory compliance, there’s practice–the approach and actions people use to get work done.  Technology assists in repetitive tasks that require consistency and accuracy.  People thinking and connecting business needs with technical capabilities allows us to ensure your business leverages both the power of people thinking and machine capabilities fully.

People thinking, understanding, and meaning-making takes time.  We offer the benefits of experience in user specification, systems design and implementation to integrate knowledge and optimize your process for both effectiveness and efficiency.

Our expertise is rooted in learning development and statistical decision theory that supports effective and efficient decision-making in the face of uncertainty. With over 20 years experience facilitating problem-solving by people informs  statistical model development and the design of complementary workflow supporting process improvements, reporting, and empowers people to act.

Call us and we can help you too. 

Late arriving information is costly, let us help you fill in the data gaps, address unmet needs and enable your team to move forward faster.