People Thinking– Differentiates How from What

What’s driving your performance results? .
To be data-driven requires people who care about delivering on expectations. Arkay Solutions helps organizations transform people and processes by making value creation a priority.  Finding and aligning behaviors that impact your business positively, reflects your quality, effectiveness, and relevance in the marketplace.

We help you create VALUE  that interests others.

Don't be hollow at your core

Don’t be hollow at your core
-Process improvement
-Engage employees with understanding
-Supply chain management
-Distribution and marketing

 Our mission: Find/create insights to make and measure value.

Our task:  Change perceptions internally and externally with improved processes, engaged learning and systems of engagement  that ads $value to your bottom line.

We build core strengths.

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Measures matter: We don’t measure the distance we walk or travel in inches.Measuring North Meaningful measures take context, situation and the problem itself into consideration. Buyers do the same. The context, situation and needs create their value checklist and will buy based on matching qualities in What you create.

  • Are you tracking the qualities that provide your best differentiators?
  • Are you investing in your employees understanding and capabilities to deliver on the qualities that matter most?

Part science and part art, measures that matter favor results over process. They also require clear communication to be useful and fuel your strategic capabilities and success.

We help you Mind the items that keep people engaged, pleased and supportive. Make known why the work being done matters, what impact you wish to make, and give meaning to your results.

 How* do we do it?

1. Bring Clarity to your purpose
Boiling down to a simple single word or phrase the essence of what you value inspires others to focus on delivering and expecting this quality in everything you do.

Values workshop  creates understanding and generates insights on value in a playful and powerful set of exercises. The results produce short value propositions, ideally no more than six words.

2. Strengthen your capabilities personally and organizationally, coaching and hands-on support helps your executive team:

  • Measure progress meaningfully, collect evidence that support your goals,
  • Focus on measures that improve performance, demonstrate quality, effectiveness and your added value
  • uncover problems as well as potential growth opportunities earlier.

3. Hands on Leadership support from assumption busting through intention insurance, our role assures you deliver on your words. Our management skill building activities focus on:
Optimism, Floor Two

  • Designing organization roles, responsibilities and incentives that connect to the mission and demonstrate value.
  • Facilitating communications and collaboration–what stories are you sharing, what legends and myths inspire behavior, what language and metaphors describe your activities?
  • Foster strategic intuition, critical thinking and adaptive, responsive change management leverages your strengths to seize unfolding opportunities.

*Note, the basic package includes limited iterations of the workshops that are also available ala carte.  Just contact us and we can talk.

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