Can you see past the horizon?

New Year, New morning 2017

New Year, New morning 2017

Looming horizon lines are a lot like strategies. Always visible at a distance but too remote to focus an organization’s resources full attention.

Successful organizations however do manage to focus on the horizon line and everything in between. Everyone in their organization comfortable questioning and encouraged to test whether a change will  deliver improved results within acceptable level of risk and/or cost.

Are you defining success with a horizon line in mind?  What’s your benchmark? What inspires people to assume personal responsibility and accountability and does it assure continuous profitability for your organization?

Arkay Solutions helps organizations helps orgnizations set and execute a course that

  • matchs their current capabilities, and builds in capacity to stretch, adapt and develop new capabilities.
  • proves resilient to changing market conditions by focusing on activities and processes that add value –help them deliver more with less waste, greater efficiency and effectiveness.
  • helps everyone see, communicate and collaborate to close the gaps between plan and reality.
  • incorporates and advances the use of technology and analytics freeing people to imagine, design and create more value.

We offer hands on planning advisory and professional education services.  More than best practices, our engagements are designed to challenge assumptions, stretch perceptions and continuously help everyone in your organization effectively re-balance risk/reward investments.

How? We use the power of comparison, metaphor and innovation to drive values on your balance sheet. Information is anything but scarce, and successful organizations consistently scan the horizon and make the necessary adjustments in their processes  continuously.

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Our advisory and professional training services helps clients:

  • Evaluate emerging opportunities related to new technologies.
  • Grow analysis capabilities, improve operating margins and add value.
  • Manage risk and navigate uncertainty applying critical thinking and establishing significance testing improving reporting quality.

Transformation Forward, Faster and Effectively

Looking for Transformative results?  Start with a sensory check and workshop that activates greater awareness (human and/or machine) and grows strategic sensibilities in your employees and organization. Our methods and collaborative engagement  promote inventive thinking using storytelling techniques that sharpen the quality of analysis.Winter 2012 057

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Arkay Solutions convert Vision into action by strengthening organizations’ strategic capabilities.

Leaders aren’t the only ones with organizational vision, which is why success depends on alignment. Strategic narratives and their transformative qualities connect customers, employees, investors and competitors to see you and your vision.  Messages delivered through stories instruct, activate creative as well as strategic thinking which helps people push through everyday uncertainty.

  • Are you doing everything possible for people to get their job done AND done well enough for customers to notice and investors benefit?
  • What leadership qualities do you want most associated with your organization?

Our Approach designed to help you set up measures, reset expectations and organize work that inspires and allows for people thinking.

Our Tools foster authenticity and strengthen capabilities to adapt and innovate.

Our Values and research

Intention Insurance: Keeping you Balanced

Maintaining relationships requires understanding, an artful balancing of multiple points of view and suitable theories to guide our actions. Intention is the discipline and reminder that helps us forge ahead in the face of uncertainty, challenge the unknown and experiment until we get it right.

Intention reminds us to check in and feedback the information that we meet along the way regardless of whether we succeed or fail.

Our Assurance policy

Nope, that’s not a typo. Learning overcomes failure by creating greater understanding of the resources necessary to the task, a clear focus on identifying the necessary steps and going beyond what’s enough. Reflecting must extend not merely to the behaviors but consider the context, the environment and interactions of the immediate cultural norms.

Our role insures you get to the bottom of your chain of why questions. In the face of ambiguity and uncertainty, active learners are often first responders. They are willing and able to test what they know, and risk what they don’t know.